How to use Melissa Essential Oil

Back to school is in FULL EFFECT 🤪 which means the kids bring home all the school germs with them. 😷

I started feeling a little tightness in my throat yesterday so I’m adding MELISSA essential oil to my arsenal of “all the things” to make sure I don’t get sick (because who has time for that?!) 👎

While it’s a pricey oil for sure, the amount of drops I use is still cheaper than a doctor visit/medicine costs. And lucky for me, I GOT IT FOR FREE with my points! 🙌 (I can show you how to as well if you’re a customer of mine).

-One of the highest antiviral plants in the world
-Fights fevers, colds, viruses
-Cold sores, fever blisters
-Depression, anxiety
-Infertility issues
-PMS, Menstrual issues, hormonal issues
-High blood pressure
-Anti-inflammatory activity

So if you haven’t tried this oil…I definitely suggest saving up some points or investing in this one to keep on hand! ESPECIALLY before the fall and winter are here and you need it right away! 🤗

Thank You!

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