Have an event you’re hosting? I’d love to be a part of sharing some in depth info with your audience or conference attendees!


When my life was turned around through pursuing HEALTH—body, soul and spirit—I knew I couldn’t keep all of this to myself for very long.

I consider it a passion and an honor to share the things I have learned over the years, so GET IN TOUCH and I’d love to chat more about speaking at your next event!


Retreats are a great option for bringing in a speaker on all things HEALTH! Everyone is on their own journey towards health and we can all gain from learning something new or hearing about health from a new perspective-no matter our line of work or business! I love sharing my story as a Registered Dietitian and the journey I’ve been on in my own health for more than a decade!



Looking for something to break up the “same old” corporate luncheons? I love to inspire others to move towards health in all areas of their life and a corporate luncheon is a great way to focus on that!


Have a large conference coming up? I have spoken at these as well! Whether it’s a small group of people or large crowds of thousands-I’ve spoken in front of them all! I would love to bring what I offer in the health world to YOUR CONFERENCE!


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