Fight Allergies NATURALLY!

Tis the season for ALLERGIES! But don’t worry…there are a ton of amazing ways to fight allergies NATURALLY! 🤗 These three oils are POWERHOUSES, and when used as a combo can help strengthen the immune system to specifically fight the spring time sniffles. Simply put 3 drops of each of the dōTERRA oils, LEMON, LAVENDER and PEPPERMINT into a veggie capsule or shot glass of water and take as needed! Diffusing these in addition to taking the capsules are a great option, too!

Also, keep in mind that our GUT HEALTH is a huge deal when it comes to our bodies allergic responses, even when it comes to “seasonal” allergies, so keeping high inflammatory foods out of our diets, like pasteurized dairy and gluten, will help your body as well! Our gut health is A HUGE DEAL for all areas of our health and allergies are no exception. Amazing how the body works and WANTS to fight to keep us healthy! 💥

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