Why you NEED the Touch Kit!

If I had to suggest ONE kit to people with kids…this would be it! šŸ’„ The TOUCH KIT is one of our family favs for lots of reasons! Itā€™s got 9 of our MUST HAVE oils and they are pre-diluted in roller bottles, so they are READY TO USE for any age (including babies). What I love most about them is the convenience factor. (Just grab and swipe) In the touch kit, you have everything you need for your kids for: cold & flu season, allergies, ear infections, digestive issues, tummy bugs, congestion & cough, pain, nausea, stress, sleep issues and more!

They are perfect for everyone in the family and really do encompass a good overall oil kit!
šŸ’§doTERRA BreatheĀ®
šŸ’§Deep BlueĀ®
šŸ’§doTERRA On GuardĀ®

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