4 Immune System Boosting Oils!


doTERRA essential oils are not just to help us with moods or help our homes smell great (although they definitely do those things!) but they are SERIOUS IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTERS to help your body maintain healthy cellular function and overall cellular health—aka HELP FIGHT CANCER! These are NOT A CURE but they CAN play a powerful role in assisting your body in eliminating unhealthy cells, regulating the immune system and in detoxifying your body! 🤗

4 of my FAVS for a SUPERPOWER COMBO are DDR Prime Blend, Copaiba, Frankincense and Pink Pepper! These oils specifically are known for helping our bodies get rid of damaged cells (a process called “apoptosis”) as well as helping HEALTHY CELL production and safety from mutation from free radicals! This is AMAZING and POWERFUL STUFF, people!

Just put 15 drops of each of these in a roller bottle and then add fractionated coconut oil in the remainder and you’ve got a great option you can easily ROLL THIS ON THE BOTTOMS OF YOUR FEET or DOWN YOUR SPINE! Using this combo daily will help combat the above mentioned issues and keep your body’s immune system pumped up and ready to fight! I personally use this blend on my boys’ spine and on myself almost every single day. Feels SO AMAZING as a mom to know you’re genuinely helping to keep your family HEALTHY!

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