Do You Believe for the “Impossible?”

This is a question I have had to ask myself…

The past few years I have been praying for a few things that honestly looked impossible. They were areas for our family that for awhile I had accepted as a “struggle” and for one area I had accepted that it would always be that way. Until recently when God asked me to give Him all areas of my life, including the ones I had lost all hope in. Reluctantly, I surrendered them all to Him. And I dared to start praying for God to do what only He could do in those situations. I prayed and fasted. About two months ago, I had a dream one night and in it, God gave me strategy on how to battle in the spirit with one of the situations I had been praying for.

This weekend, He answered TWO of my prayers. 🙌🏻 He gave us breakthrough in two separate areas, (I’m talking MIRACLES, people!) and I can’t stop jumping up and down with JOY!! 🥳 I think my husband and I are still in shock.

I share this with you all because I want it to give you hope….that whatever situation you’re dealing with that feels impossible right now, It’s not impossible for God. He’s soooo kind. Keep praying and believing IN FAITH. And dare to believe God for the “impossible” in your life.

Thank You!

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