5 Tips to BREAK the Sugar Habit

So far for this SUGAR SERIES… 🍫🍬🍭🍦 I have shared about a part of my not-so-fun history with sugar, discussed the downfalls of sugar intake and then the actual scientifically proven addictive component of sugar (and what it does to our brain chemistry) so I wanted to go over some action plans for today and tomorrow! ☺️💕🙌 So first up, is laying out 5 TIPS on HOW TO BREAK THE SUGAR HABIT! 🎉

1️- Balance your blood sugar: Research studies say that low blood sugar levels are associated with LOWER overall blood flow to the brain, which means more BAD decisions. To keep your blood sugar stable:
* Eat a nutritious breakfast with protein and/or healthy fats like eggs, protein shakes, nut butters, avocado. Studies repeatedly show that eating a healthy breakfast helps people maintain weight loss.
* Also, have smaller meals throughout the day. Eat every 3-4 hours and have some protein with each snack or meal (lean animal protein, nuts, seeds, beans).
* Avoid eating at least 3 hours before bedtime.

2️- ELIMINATE sugar and artificial sweeteners and your cravings will go away! It might seem hard…but GO COLD TURKEY! If you were addicted to narcotics or alcohol you couldn’t simply just cut down….You’d have to stop for you brain to have the time to actually reset! So eliminating refined sugars, sodas, fruit juices, and artificial sweeteners from your diet ENTIRELY will make this possible! These are all “drugs” that will simply fuel the cravings and perpetuate the cycle!

3️- Determine if you have any hidden food allergies (sensitivities) that are triggering your cravings. We often crave the very foods that we have a hidden sensitivity to. Popular foods that many people are sensitive to and don’t realize it are gluten and pasteurized dairy. Cut them out 100% for 30 days and then re-introduce them one at a time and see how you feel. Do you feel tired when you re-introduce them? Brain fog? You’re probably sensitive! A great way to really get to the core of what’s going on when we put certain foods into our bodies!

4️- Get 7-8 hours of sleep. Research shows that lack of sleep increases cravings. Set yourself up for success by prioritizing sleep! See how this drastically changes your mood, your cravings and your perspective!

5️- Optimize your nutrient status with craving-cutting supplements
* Optimize your vitamin D level: According to one study, when Vitamin D levels are low, the hormone that helps turn off your appetite doesn’t work and people feel hungry all the time, no matter how much they eat. I like to see people’s Vitamin D levels between 60-90. Get yours checked because you may need supplementation. (And get out in the sun-the best source!)
* Optimize omega-3s: Low levels of omega three fatty acids are involved in normal brain cell function, insulin control and inflammation. Make sure it’s high quality omega 3 supplement. Not all are created equal.
* Consider taking natural supplements for cravings control. Glutamine, tyrosine, 5-HTP are amino acids that help reduce cravings. Stress reducing herbs such as Rhodiola can help. Chromium balances blood sugar and can help take the edge off cravings. Glucomannan fiber is very helpful to reduce the spikes in sugar and insulin that drive cravings and hunger.
* Zymex supplement by standard process is my personal favorite supplement to stop cravings

Trust me…I know it can seem a little daunting to think of cutting something out that we associate with celebration and a “fun treat” or even just simply the thing that we crave daily! But if I can do it…YOU CAN TOTALLY DO IT! 🙌 Now that I’m not addicted, I can use pure maple syrup or raw honey to bake some paleo cookies with for a treat that won’t spike my blood sugar near as much. Also, they don’t leave me feeling lethargic after I eat them because they’re made out of almond/coconut flours. What we put in our bodies either FUELS US or FATIGUES US! It either GIVES LIFE or TAKES IT from us! So remembering those things, having a plan of action and keeping it all in perspective of what really matters in life WILL HELP YOU ACCOMPLISH all of this!

Thank You!

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