Sugar Addiction is a REAL THING!

Did you know that SUGAR is just as addictive as COCAINE?! Yes, it’s true! Now stick with me because it’s a lot of science info ahead 🥴🤔🤯but ALL SO IMPORTANT in knowing what we are actually battling when we talk about the importance of cutting sugar.

A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that, high sugar / high glycemic foods can be extremely addictive. In fact, some studies show that sugar is 8x as addictive as cocaine. 😱😱😱 That is seriously insane! But it’s not just the things we think of as “typical sugar intake”. David Ludwig, Harvard researcher, showed that there are foods that raise blood sugar *even more* than table sugar—such as white flour, white potatoes and refined starch— and have what is called a “high glycemic index” that trigger a special region in the brain called the nucleus accumbens that is known to be “ground zero” for conventional addiction, such as gambling or drug abuse.
“In our brain, a little receptor, the dopamine receptor D2 (or DRD2 for short), must be activated or switched on for us to feel pleasure. The amino acid dopamine triggers this response. Sugar is one of these triggers that increases dopamine in the short term.

The only problem is it appears that those with sugar addictions, compulsive eating, and obesity have DRD2 systems that need much more stimulation to feel that “hit of pleasure” and need extra stimulation to make them “turn on”.”-Dr Mark Hyman (quotes and paraphrase summary from his book, The Blood Sugar Solution).

On the flip side, Bruce Ames, PhD, another researcher on the subject found that high levels of nutrients can reduce disease in people with 50 different gene variants. Nutrients actually help to modulate the function of our genes, improve their function, and effect the activity of enzymes that genes produce. “We’ve seen specific nutrients make a HUGE difference in people with sugar or food addiction.” Glutamine and other amino acids have also been used with great success. Regulation of hormones and neurotransmitters that affect appetite and cravings is complex and involves many factors including how quickly food spikes our blood sugar, stress, getting enough sleep, nutritional deficiencies, chemicals such as artificial sweeteners, food sensitivities which drive inflammation, and more…

So while many of you may be beating yourself up about your “lack of willpower” when it comes to sugar, there is MUCH more to it than that! There are all kinds of factors that come in to play when it comes to our bodies and sugar / high glycemic foods. So the only way to break the cycle and cut off the GUILT and SHAME that can surround eating habits that we now know aren’t giving us life…we can put that into ACTION!

I know this was a lot of info to read through 😳 so to summarize: Proper nutrition and supplementing with key nutrients that help heal the gut can help you crave less sugar and overcome sugar/carb addiction. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing 5 PRACTICAL TIPS on HOW to break the sugar (or any food) addiction! I know this can all be a little overwhelming to take in…but trust me, it’s WORTH IT! Knowledge is VITAL to change! 🙌

Thank You!

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