We love these Natural Sunscreens!

We’re here at the beach for two weeks for some back to back family vacationing so I figured it’s the perfect time to show some of the sunscreen options our family uses!

Definitely a huge fan of sunscreen, but NOT a fan of all the crazy chemicals in most of the mainstream options. Luckily there are more and more “clean” options popping up on the market and these 3 happen to be our current favs!

First up is BADGER Face Stick Mineral Sunscreen! We love using the “stick” on faces, especially for the kids, since they are still at a bit of a squirmy age when trying to put on sunscreen! 🤣🙈 This makes it VERY quick and easy to put on but still packs a powerful protectant for their sweet faces! 🥰

Next, THINKBABY SPF 50+ is a GREAT one we love! Goes on nice and quick too but is thick enough to cover their torso and arms & legs without coming off as soon as they jump in the water 🤪🌊 (Water resistant for 80 minutes!) Another mineral sunscreen and it’s Top Rated by EWG with a “1” rating since 2010! (Will mention more about EWG in a minute!) .

Third I wanted to mention was the BEAUTY COUNTER Mineral Sunscreen stick! This one is more for myself and Eric, but is another amazing option for face and full body. Easy to put on and works GREAT! Doesn’t leave my face feeling oily or broken out either. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! .
As mentioned above, you can check out EWG.ORG to see what sunscreens are top rated for CLEAN INGREDIENTS! This is a great resource and a site I use ALL THE TIME when trying to find out if a product I am looking for is full of chemicals or where it lands on the “clean” list. .

So that’s the three main ones we have been using for our fam this summer! Again, there are LOTS of great options out there now WITHOUT having to compromise the health factor! There are also great ways to make your own clean sunscreen…but honestly, with three little kiddos I have been going for what is fast and efficient and works! I would LOVE TO HEAR if you have used some that you love or if you have tried any of these brands before?! I am always up for hearing about new options!!! ✨🤗✨

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