Natural Wound Ointment

I mentioned this ointment last week when going over some of what we’re using after Owen’s accident but I wanted to be sure and give this POWERHOUSE another specific shoutout! dōTERRA Correct-X has been a HUGE help and part of our routine for Owen’s finger. And now that we can use it directly on the wound, we’re using it even more so!

This ointment is a multi-purpose, natural one (yay for no chemicals!) that “helps soothe skin and enhance the natural process of skin returning to a healthy state after being distressed.” It includes some AMAZING dōTERRA oils: Frankincense, Helichrysum, Melaleuca, Cedarwood, and Lavender—all are known to help assist in soothing skin issues and irritations. This stuff keeps the area clean AND moisturizes to help in the healing process. Correct-X truly is amazing from small cuts to larger wounds. .
So there ya go! You never know when you will need it (we definitely didn’t see it coming!) so I recommend having this on hand and ready for action. 💪🏼

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