Immune System Support

We’ve talked about this oil blend, we’ve talked about the throat drops…now let’s talk about the softgels, which is basically On Guard on steroids because of what else is in these babies.

The soft gels are a great way to fight off sickness as they combine On Guard along with Black Pepper, Oregano, and Melissa essential oils for an immune system punch. So easy to take and makes for a POWERFUL way to fight all the sick junk—especially this time of year. So take these when you feel something coming on or if you’re like me, I’m taking one daily right now so I don’t get any of the junk that is going around. My 7 year old takes these as well to stay healthy or if he’s ever fighting anything. You want to increase to every 3 hours if you’re fighting something. This is our most used product during the winter season, and I’m so thankful for it!

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