The Power of Ginger for Digestion

Holiday gatherings often mean LOTS of food! Foods we might not normally eat 🤩or foods we just over do it on 🤪 so having some of these things on hand and for the aftermath are LIFESAVERS! In addition to dōTERRA Digestzen of course, I wanted to mention some other amazing NATURAL options that can help keep our tummy’s happy!
dōTERRA has amazing Ginger Digestive Drops (made with ginger and lemon essential oils) and then of course Ginger oil itself, Peppermint oil and Cardamom are all SPECTACULAR at helping to fight off nausea, upset stomachs or help in digesting all the Post-Christmas snacks you might still be munching on or for New Year’s Eve parties coming up! 😘🥧🍡🥮🍫

Another helpful Sidenote: if you’re pregnant, these are all GREAT OPTIONS at helping to curb nausea and morning sickness! Natural and THEY WORK SERIOUS WONDERS! 🙌

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